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SmartVyu aims to provide a completely free, simple & easy to use document management solution to construction projects of any size. SmartVyu focuses on delivering a solution that adds value to the overall construction planning and management.


To be an internationally acclaimed construction drawing management solution provider offering comprehensive solutions.

What industry do smartvyu serve?

SmartVyu is applicable for any document-driven industry in general & construction document management in specific. The system can be used for Construction, Information & Technology & Engineering Document Management where documents are expected to be revised & shared with the teams involved.

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Why SmartVyu is Best?

Trustable Document Management System

SmartVyu can prove to be the most cost-effective IT solution for your construction project helping systematic document flow across the team without putting an extra burden on your budget.

Why choose smartvyu

SmartVyu has been built on the latest IT framework emphasizing data security in every possible aspect. System failure is not expected, still data is replicated to backup servers in realtime to ensure the secure archive of the important documents.

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