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What is SmartVyu?

SmartVyu is a cloud-based document management & control tool where multiple teams can collaborate to share drawings & documents of a given project.

How do I access SmartVyu?

To access the project’s documents, authorized members can log in to SmartVyu portal through https://secure.smartvyu.com/

Is it 100% free or there are any hidden charges?

It is completely free & there are absolutely no hidden charges.

Is it secure? What about data confidentiality?

Confidently upload & share the documents with your team without worrying about data security. Only authorized users can access the project data & user/team access can be controlled by the organization admin.

Which browsers support SmartVyu?

SmartVyu can be smoothly accessed through the latest version on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge.

How do I get started with SmartVyu?

To start with SmartVyu, please email admin@smartvyu.com. Once finalized, we’ll send an organization & project registration link. Upon successful registration, you’d be able to upload drawings & share them with associated teams.

Is there any limit to document uploading?

No, there is no limit. You may upload thousands of documents.

How do I see a drawing already uploaded to SmartVyu portal?

You may directly click the drawing to open it in the inbuilt drawing viewer. You may also download the drawing.

How can I add multiple projects through single login?

Organization admin can login to the existing account, go to setting & add a new project. SmartVyu admin will verify the request & approve the creation of the new project. You can switch between the project through project dropdown.

Does SmartVyu have integrated email services?

Yes, you may share the drawings or documents directly from SmartVyu dashboard. You’ll receive the updates related to document changes directly in your work email.

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