Document Management Platform


New-age construction document management platform incorporated with latest construction document controlling features.

Drawing Transmittals

Easily upload & transmit the drawings to project teams & ensure everyone refers to the latest revision.

Drawing Transmittals

RFI & Submittals

Pickup a drawing, markup the issues, highlight the concern & share the drawing as RFI. Keep a track on the status of an RFI. Easily upload & share submittals with project members.

Marking Revisions

Superseding drawings are automatically marked with next revision numbers & arranged in sequential order for easy tacking. However, a user can always mark revisions as per the project standards.

Integrated Email

Integrated Email Service

Transmittals, RFIs, Submittals, Markup, etc are sent through SmartVyu integrated mailing system & are well documented for future reference.

Compare Drawings

Compare different set and versions of drawings to notice exact changes thereby reducing the time to review

Project setting up

Easy Project/Team Setting Up

Have control over setting up new projects, teams, adding new members, manage their role & status. Profile, project settings, payments, list of active users & teams, etc are managed under the settings tab.

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